Abstract Expansion - Alberto Reguera's Solo Exhibition

Karin Weber Gallery, 12 September to 6 October 2013

Spanish artist Alberto Reguera likes emphasizing spatial volume, pigment and expansion.

Captured by his works at the first sight, the audience would find them very intriguing as Reguera subverts the tradition of painting on a canvas and transforms them into more like pieces of sculptures and pictorial installations. On each of the 15 ivory-white canvas, a size of about 10X10 (sometimes larger) cm cube is placed onto it, with heavy layers of paint, color pigment spilling and extending beyond. Imagining the whole work as a terrestrial ground, you would find it filled with vivid energy, movement, and volume. The colors of the pigment are usually chosen to echo with the major components on the earth, such as the earth tone of saddle brown and sand brown mimicking the ground; light lime and ivy green resembling the forest; cobalt blue and sapphire referring to the ocean. Looking at it closely enough, you would also discover the texture of the cube is more rough and rusty when its in brown color; needless to say it helps to link the image of salt and sand. While the colors and texture all illustrate well the idea of an abstract nature or planet, the naming even says more, as each of his works is named beautifully like Light Strands, Telluric Universes, Celestials Encounters, Sunset and Floating Night Landscape. Contrasting the white background, the pigment splash seems to be completed in very freestyle way, yet it is not overly spilled to spoil the harmony of the whole work. In fact, they are all seamlessly done and bring the reader into a moment of meditation about the insignificance of human in the vast universe.

Reguera currently resides in Paris, and his oeuvre are exhibited in many countries around the world such as Amsterdam, Shanghai, Madrid, Rome and Lisboa.


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