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A Visit to The Pittrivers Museum – Oxford, England, the U.K.


It is a nice museum with free admission. You will almost immediately feel the profound history of Oxford when looking at the facade of the building. And after stepping in, you will be amazed by the massive number of the collections and a huge totem pole standing in the middle of the gallery. It is an absolutely stunning view.

Pittrivers Museum is a 3-floor building, displaying a ‘worldwide collections from many cultures past and present’. There is no start or finish in the exploration of the museum, as there is no chronological order of the displayed objects. Instead, the objects are grouped according to how they were made or used. For instance, the ground floor showcases the theme of ‘magic, masks ,with subheadings such as ‘treatment of the dead’, ‘transportation and navigation’; and first floor is about ‘tattoos, tools, toys’, while the second floor is about ‘shields and spears’, The focus is how human beings have tackled the common problems of daily life, and adapted to the environment in which they live.

The display style is ancient-like, which is intriguing to me. There are about 30 cupboards organized both near walls and in the middle; if looking at the floor plan, it is like the interior of a pinball machine. The ceiling is very high so some cupboards can reach as tall as 2 meters. It can even hold a standing Egyptian coffin. This design is somehow like a maze, which triggers the curiosity the visitors to engage into it. It is notable that there are explanations plaque placed inside the cupboard, not with a separate cardboard on the wall that the other museums usually do. Information is detailed and interesting, with appropriate length.

To sum, the atmosphere is relaxing and you would definitely want to spend a day there immersing yourself in the world of antiques and excellent collections!